Dean McDermott Gives Everyone The Finger After His Fight With Tori Spelling!

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There's always some kind of drama happening in this house!

Tori Spelling went to meet with Dean McDermott‘s ex, Mary Jo Eustace, to talk about Dean's son Jack, and it only made matters worse for their relationship!

On an upcoming episode of their show True Tori, the 41-year-old mom read a love note Dean had written to his ex, only to come home to find one of her own note, accompanied with flowers.

But it wasn't a welcome surprise because it only reminded Tori that Dean cheated on Mary Jo as well as her! The disastrous exchange went like this:

Dean: “Why would she bring up stuff between her and I?”

Tori: “She wanted to show me that in her mind, you guys didn't have a bad relationship.

Dean: “It's a lie…I don't know what to tell you, babe. The whole thing about having her on the show too—the more she comes across is as this wonderful, loving person, people are watching going like ‘Yeah what the f*ck is Dean's problem?'… I gave her a great life…she's f*cking crazy. She's f*cking delusional, now I'm starting to get really mad.”

THEN he went on to say how Mary Jo's parents loved her, and stated that he didn't want Mary Jo on the show again because she was making people hate him.

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But to top it all off, Dean looked right at the camera, the viewers, and gave the middle finger.

Unfortunately, he doesn't understand that it's the cheating that makes people not like him, not what Mary Jo says.

Keep it in your pants already!

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