Dave And Buster's Tweets, Deletes, & Apologizes After Sending Out An Offensive Message On Twitter!

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Dave and Buster's should stop tweeting for a little while!

In this day and age, social media sites like Twitter are a great way to connect with friends, reach new audiences, and keep in touch with current events!

Unfortunately, it's also a great way to say some seriously stupid and offensive things!

Just ask Dave and Buster's, the restaurant/bar/arcade that sent out a tweet in hopes to promote “Taco Tuesday!” Unfortunately, the tweet came out as this:

Dave and Buster's should stop tweeting for a little while!

Wow. Apparently racial stereotypes are A-OK in Dave and Buster's book!

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It didn't take long for the restaurant to get hit by the backlash of the offensive tweet, and they eventually deleted it and issued an apology, saying:

We sincerely apologize for the tweet that went out today our intention was never to offend anyone please accept our apology
— Dave & Buster's (@DaveandBusters) November 18, 2014

At least they said please, right??

It's pretty mind-blowing that blunders like this still seem to happen on almost a daily basis, and yet companies STILL never seem to learn their lessons!

Maybe Dave and Buster's should just stay off of Twitter for a bit!

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