Cleveland Man Tries To Hire Himself A Family Because He Thinks It Will Help Him Get Paid More

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Fact: just because you went to college does not mean that you are good at concocting plans.

Case in point: a Cleveland man posted an ad to Craigslist, which has since been removed, stating that he wanted to hire a family to pretend to be his own because he figured it would help him get paid more at his potential jobs.


Mr. Family Man explained that he's seen several instances where people who had families got paid more because employers felt bad for them, so he laid out his plan:

“Approximately six months before I formally begin searching for a job, I will post approximately 12-24 photos of my “family” and my “life”, meshed together to create an entirely phony yet truly believable picture of myself. If everything goes as planned, whatever branch of whatever organization that looks into my background pending being hired for my first real job will be inevitably perusing my Facebook page and more and will come to the conclusion that I am deserving of a “Family Man” level of compensation. If the secret gets out that I live alone, have no children, and spend the majority of my disposable income on restoring vintage cars I could find myself in a vastly different income bracket since it will be perceived that I can get by on less- MUCH less…. All photographs will be of a fun, family friendly nature and will be immediately deleted once I am formally hired. They will be no longer needed, since that wage bracket will be carried to other establishments in the future and once that wage level has been set, the fact that I drop money on all aluminum racing radiators instead of baby formula will be irrelevant.”

If you're still interested in becoming his faux wife, then you must be “within approximately five years of [his] age (21-30)” and he likes the name Marissa. If you want to temporarily donate your child to his cause, that tiny tot must be of “Aryan ancestry” like he is, and he prefers the name Logan.

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This poster also divulged that he's a college student who is looking to finish his degree after “after a several year absence,” which he likely used to think up this bizarre plan.

Again, the post has been removed, thankfully, but it's still wild to think that there are people like this out there!

[Image via craigslist.]

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