Celebrity White House Edition With Ivanka?

Posted on Mar 22 2017 - 1:26pm by Celeb

Some  are now saying the the White House is slowly turning to another edition of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice? Why you say? No, it’s not because the President is ordering someone to do the décor and buy new cool coffee tables. Well, it seems that his daughter Ivanka Trump plans to join in on his reign as the US president. Formal announcement has already been made and Ivanka will finally become a part of the administration staff. Reports say that she will be an unpaid employee, which somewhat confused the public. It can be recalled that Ivanka told that she did not have any plans to take a position at the White House, where she even claimed that she was already content at being the First Daughter of the president.

The White House on the other hand seems to have other plans as it announced recently that Ivanka will be getting an office, but not a position. It’s clear that their position has taken a different turn since the announcement. It seems that plans have changed when questions were raised about the possibility of Ivanka being able to avoid rules and regulations with the said arrangement in some circles.

The First Daughter addressed the concerns with a personal statement. She acknowledged the fact that there were some people who were concerned about her advising the president while at the same time taking into consideration that she needed to comply with ethics rules. And then there is also the other fact that she plans to do this for free, while being subject to the same rules just like the other employees. Ivanka knew that her task is more complicated than that of shopping for some cool coffee tables. She assured the public that while this may be so, she says that in this endeavor, she will be working closely with White House counsel along with that of her personal counsel because she understands the extraordinary nature of her new role.

Her title? They say that she will be called as the ‘assistant to the president – now this is not the same with that of the title taken by her husband Jared Kushner which is ‘senior adviser’.

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