Caitlyn Jenner Alienated from the LGBTQ Community, Blames Ellen

Posted on Apr 15 2017 - 9:54am by Celeb

Caitlyn Jenner is furious and is now accusing Ellen DeGeneres for ‘alienating’ her from the LGBTQ community. After her transition, Jenner appeared on the talk show host’s popular TV show in year 2015. In the said show, she told Ellen about her reservations on gay marriage in the past. Ellen on the other hand later told listeners on a radio broadcast during an interview with presenter Howard Stern that she found Jenner’s views about gay marriage as rather ‘confusing.’

Entertaining friends with one other is rather unlikely, as Caitlyn just slammed Ellen in her memoir, The Secrets of My Life.

In the said memoir, Caitlyn wrote that she understood that the talks show host would want to know how her attitude changed over the years. She went on to say that at first, she did not understand why marriage was important, but now she does. Jenner also blatantly mentioned that she was alienated from the LGBTQ community as a result of Ellen’s remarks about her on The Howard Stern Show, saying that the talk show host took what she said out of context. The interview became viral.

It can be recalled that she told Ellen that years ago, she was not open to discussing the subject of gay marriage because she was a traditionalist. She also explained how she was older than most people and she preferred it to be that way that’s why she was not able to get what gay marriage was all about.

She later on pointed out that time has changed since then and that she’s already changed her thinking and even told the talk show host how she is not to stand in front of somebody else’s happiness. DeGeneres on the other hand told Howard Stern that Jenner has this judgement about gay marriage and gay people.

How about you? Do you really think Jenner is right about slamming Ellen in here? Care to talk about this subject while entertaining friends?

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