Britney Spears Welcomes Summer with Sexy Bikini Videos and a New Haircut (as One Does)

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If you think your Memorial Day weekend of backyard barbeques and pool parties was fun, it has nothing on Britney Spears‘ epic day of “chillaxing” in a sexy bikini. Just check out the singer’s bikini-clad videos to see for yourself.

Britney Spears

Before the holiday is even officially over, Spears posted two videos on Instagram Sunday night documenting the unofficial first weekend of summer. First, there’s the video of her “just chillaxing” in the pool, doing some casual bikini modeling, set to a track of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” In the video she shows off her black and white two-piece with some faux push-ups, then lounges in her sunhat and sunnies. Why? Why not?

Just chillaxing 🕶

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But that was only a glimpse into her weekend. She also posted a video montage of her kids jumping into the pool and practicing karate moves on the beach, while she lays on a lounge chair wiggling in a bikini — something that’s become her new signature swimwear move (surely you remember her sexy beachside dance).

What a day!!

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But before the pool party could start, she had some very important business to attend to: a “much-needed” haircut and four silly selfies to go with.

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