Ben Affleck Makes Full Frontal Jokes In Front Of A Full House At The Hollywood Film Awards!

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Now that everyone has had a chance to see Ben Affleck‘s, erm, equipment in Gone Girl, he's happy to joke about it!

The actor accepted the Best Film award on Friday night at the Palladium in Los Angeles, and he proceeded to joke about his peen! He said:

“There are a lot of people to thank but first I want to take this opportunity to thank David Fincher for the way he treated me. In particular, we had a shower scene in the movie and David assured me – because trust is essential with directors and actors – ‘Listen, if we tilt down we'll never go far enough to see anything. So, thank you David.' I'd like to thank you for keeping the set cool because if you're going to have one chance for America to see your junk, you want it to be cold. It's a gift.”

LOLz! Oh, Ben!

And not to make it awkward or anything, but his ex Jennifer Lopez was sitting right there in the crowd! Then again, he wasn't saying anything she probably didn't already know! Ha!

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