'American Hustle' Sued by Microwave Expert … The Movie Nuked My Reputation!

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American Hustle” producers took a well-known science author who once wrote about microwaves and cooked his goose in less than 30 seconds … and now he's suing for defamation.

Paul Brodeur writes about environmental stuff.  He is incensed at a scene in the Oscar-nominated flick in which Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) tells Irving (Christian Bale) that microwaves take all the nutrition out of food, and she proves it's true by holding up a magazine article written by Brodeur.

Mr. Brodeur says the writers and actors are liars who lie, because he's actually on record — in a magazine — in which he answers the question, “Is there any danger in eating food cooked by microwaves?”  He says, “None that is known.”

Brodeur claims his reputation in the scientific community is now toast, and he's been subjected to scorn and ridicule.

The author wants a million bucks from Atlas Entertainment, Annapurna Productions and Columbia Pictures. He also wants a judge to order the removal of his name from all copies of the film.

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