Actor Turned Political Commentator Ben Stein Called President Obama The Most Racist POTUS In History! Watch Him Explain HERE!

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Ben Stein just threw some MAJOR shade at President Barack Obama during an appearance on Fox News (shocker!) this past weekend.

Stein, who is best known for appearing in Clear Eyes commercials and as the monotone teacher in Ferris Bueller, completely reamed out the POTUS by calling him… a racist.

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Yep, Ben called the leader of our nation and an inspiration to millions of people, a RACIST!

Stein explained:

“The president is the most racist president there has ever been in America. He is purposely trying to use race to divide Americans. What the White House is trying to do is racialize all politics and they're especially trying to tell the African-American voter that the GOP is against letting them have a chance at a good life in this economy, and that's just a complete lie.”

So, basically Stein is saying that the current problems with African Americans in this country is just an illusion drummed up by Democrats, specifically Barack Obama, to create conflict within America.

He added:

“I watch with fascination – with incredible fascination – all the stories about how the Democratic politicians, especially Hillary [Clinton], are trying to whip up the African-American vote and say, ‘Oh, the Republicans have policies against black people in terms of the economy.' But there are no such policies. The idea that the Republicans are making life difficult for black people is just nonsense, just absolute nonsense.”

Hmm, we have a feeling there are A LOT of people who would disagree with Ben's claims.

What do YOU think of Ben's assertion that the President is a racist?

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